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by Richard

About Us

We make art from exotic car parts.  There are a lot of “man-cave” decorations made from car parts, but our concept is to go a step further and make real art pieces which are aesthetic enough to hang in living rooms, not just a den, and which have interesting stories behind them.
The works all include parts from exotic cars, classic or race cars and most are one-off pieces.  We develop our own but can also be commissioned by someone who has an exotic, race or classic car part they want to display artistically.

The Parts

We only use real car parts and have done works with supercars, classic cars and race cars.  Each part has its unique history, creating a background for the art which extends its appeal from the visual arena into a provenance that is a story.

What we do

Most of the works are one-off originals we develop. But we are happy to take on commission works as well.  If you have an interesting part off an exotic, classic or race car which you would prefer to see on your wall instead of a box in the garage, let us bring it to life for you.  We can incorporate it in a way that the part always remains recoverable if needed.

The Artist

Richard’s passion has always been cars, building his own car to race in the US as well as doing track days in many countries.

After studying at University of the Arts in London, Central Saint Martens as well as The Art Academy in London, Richard now combines his artistic side with his passion for sports cars to integrate the engineering excellence of exotic cars with the artistic presentation that makes art which is more interesting than most.

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